Jake Daugherty

Residential - Sales Associate, Kari Higgins Team

Jacob Daugherty was born in Wichita, KS and raised in Goddard. He loves his family, friends, and his wife Kacey. Jacob loves to exercise, read, listen to podcasts, and learn whenever he can. Growing up with a family in the business of building and selling homes, he took naturally to Real Estate and discovered his passion. To him, the most important part of what he does is building new relationships. The people he gets to meet and interact with give him more satisfaction than any “job” ever could. He is incredibly loyal and will do anything to take care of the people he cares about.

My realtor (Jacob Daugherty) was amazing and really helped this whole process good as smoothly as it could possibly go. I would have been so overwhelmed with out him he is the best would recommend him to anyone!

- Sedalia Stevens
August 2020

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